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Bodenstein Castle – the Next Destination for Your Field Trip

Let’s go to Bodenstein Castle! Regardless of whether you want to take a school trip, a trip with your nursery school or a youth group – Bodenstein Castle is a diverse alternative compared to other destinations. At Bodenstein Castle spiritual and thematic aspects are merged with socio-pedagogical work. Let your children and teenagers travel back to old times – to the medieval period of knights and damsels. Benefit from the special features of our castle as an extracurricular place to study and establish social bonds to make your trip memorable.

You can experience a variety of adventures not just only inside the ancient castle walls but around the area as well. Tourist attractions are for instance the Alternative Bear Park in Leinefelde-Worbis or the Hainich National Park with its canopy walkway. Enjoy the open and mostly unspoiled countryside and get to know the surroundings and uniqueness of the region.

The castle contains of 111 beds, dispersed among 44 rooms, where students can be accommodated in a convenient way and for a reasonable price to recharge their batteries for their next adventure. As a teacher or an attendant you can stay in a single or double room.

Our cooking team prepares a full board of balanced meals with crudités to make sure that food is provided for children, adolescents and attendants. We put emphasis on ecological, regional and fair trade aspects. Upon consultation we consider vegetarian dishes and food intolerances.

Diverse Programs Geared to the Target Groups

Besides comfy rooms and numerous tourist attractions around Eichsfeld you can take the chance to make use of recreation offers of our educational team. These offers range from joint cooking events to geocaching tours and medieval parcours so that your group will never feel bored! It is no problem to respond to different ages and special interests of students and children. We consider individual wishes of our guests as well.

To make your school trip interesting we offer you highly diverse program modules for school trips and group trips. You can choose from various offers especially made for groups. For instance, we offer you and your group castle tours. In addition you can attend different creative parts where you can incorporate your own ideas. Moreover, you have the option to organize cozy movie nights, bonfires or barbecue evenings. Upon request you can use our fireplace, various cooking offers or thematic nutrition evenings. Dependent on the weather we offer different games for both inside and out. If you are traveling with smaller children, we provide the opportunity to enjoy biblical stories in a playful way and to become more familiar with the castle by using exploration games. Upon request you can send your children on a treasure hunt or explore the area by going geocaching or walking through the scary basement.

Our different offers for groups at a glance:

Leisure Program

  • castle tours
  • creative units (upon consultation)
  • movie nights
  • bonfires
  • using the fireplace
  • barbecue evenings
  • cooking offers
  • game packages for both inside and out

Special Offers for Children

  • experience biblical stories in a playful way
  • castle tours for children
  • castle exploration games / rallies
  • treasure hunting
  • geocaching
  • knightly and other handicrafts (clay, leather, felt, wood, etc.)
  • games at the sports and leisure area
  • making use of the scary basement

Thematic Offers

  • experience creative biblical texts
  • thematic nutrition evenings

If you are interested or have further questions, you can e-mail us via our contact form or by calling +4936074 97-0.